ASP.NET Design Mode Extender

ASP.NET Design Mode Extender 1.0

ADME helps custom controls to provide a better design mode interface
1.0.0 (See all)

ASP.NET Design Mode Extender (“ADME”) helps custom controls to provide a better design mode interface. Visual Studio.Net and Web Matrix provide ‘design mode’, a group of visual editors to show and edit controls that you add to your web forms. You subclass these classes to support design mode:
- ControlDesigner (in System.Web.UI.Design) draws an image into the visual design page to represent your control. Some designers call the CreateChildControls(), OnPreRender() and other methods of the actual control to generate the HTML. A ControlDesigner can also add commands to the context menu to extend the editing tools.
- UITypeEditor (in System.Drawing.Design) extends the Properties Window to provide the user interface that edits a particular property.
- TypeConverter (in System.ComponentModel) primarily converts between different datatypes. It also provides one way to show a list of choices on a property from within the Properties Window.

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